sometimes // sun kissed romance

by Princesse

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Casually home recorded, mixed and mastered by Princesse during 2013's summer.

Princesse is Antony.


released October 30, 2013

Many thanks to Emmanuelle, Marie, Laura, Valérie, Nadine, Michelle, Ann, Marie, Pauline, Solène, Katarina, Ingrid, Laurie, Chloé, Kalyane, Amandine, Aurélie, Jessica, Sophie, Coralie, Denali, Fanny, Lisa, Marouchka for their love, their care, their support, their smile, their body, and/or for the way they broke my heart in two.

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Princesse Paris, France

Princesse is Anthony

Delicate music for sensitive people who like to party and to sleep with sensitive and delicate musicians.

The difficulty of living your own life but the vital need to try it.

One could associate each song with a girl. One could.
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Track Name: sometimes
sometimes i feel you are my only friend
sometimes i wish i was your only friend

how much am i supposed to love you
if i don't even know if i'm the only one ?

oh, if only i could see through your fake smiles and your satirical laughs
oh, if only you could like me half as much as you like yourself