A Six​-​Song Ep

by Princesse

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Casually home recorded, mixed and mastered.

Princesse is Maxime and Antony.

<3 Be gentle, love the haters <3

Many thanks:
to Lucas, his mics and his unwavering optimism and faith in modern world
to Emmanuelle, Marie, Laura, Valérie, Nadine, Michelle, Ann, Marie, Pauline, Solène, Katarina, Ingrid, Laurie, Chloé, Kalyane, Amandine, Aurélie, Jessica, Sophie, Coralie, Denali, for their love, their care, their support, their smile, their body, and/or for the way they broke our hearts in two.

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released December 5, 2012




Princesse Paris, France

Princesse is Anthony

Delicate music for sensitive people who like to party and to sleep with sensitive and delicate musicians.

The difficulty of living your own life but the vital need to try it.

One could associate each song with a girl. One could.
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Track Name: Sleeping Alone
i enter sleep warily
a bandit with a lock pit
breaking and entering
the silent warehouse of the soul
equipped with a slick terror
and fascinated eyes

initiate each night
sleep an ancient game
to be learnt mastered forgotten
before dawn's renewal of the know
the sleeper is allowed neither book nor fear
and i never allowed a sense of waste

it is said
the masters of this art pass from evening to morn
with no knowledge of how
their nights are spent
no memory of sleep
the bereft lover and the lighthouse keeper
sometimes achieve it

it's pretty much like death
and the survivors cannot describe it
i am a tunnel through
a mountain of sleep
an emptiness dissolving
a target of light.
Track Name: Shy Song For Cutie
i'm so bored to be that shy
wanna talk to you
can't even try
my words don't go further than my teeth
if you could read my eyes
it'd be such a relief
i feel i've lived a thousand years
but i act as a baby deer
i wanna cover you with honey words
but all i have are broken chords
my skin's so pale
my cheeks cannot blush
even though for you
i have such a crush
i'm so bored to be that shy
so bored to so shy

you never care about my eyes
they always glance at...
you never care about my words
they are always said for...
you never care about my moves
they are always made toward...
you never care about my songs
they are always sung for you

...i'm so bored to be that shy
so bored to be that guy.
Track Name: Sunrise
i'm sure if you put your finger
in my coffee it will taste sweeter
just a single hair from your head
could light my room for decades

on the window with my finger
i draw your face and the outside looks prettier
there's room for our two skins
in your torn oversized jeans

no one cares about the sunrise
but i know you do
and you know i do

no one cares about the sunrise
and it turns our hearts in blue

my salt and your sugar for the pop corn
i'm pro zombie and you're pro unicorn
i'm amc and you are abc
but i will see what you wanna see

no one cares about the sunrise
but i know you do
and you know i do

no one cares about the sunrise
and it turns our hearts in blue

lay with me
under the tree
there's shadow for
the two of us
jump in the blue blue
water with me
we'll build an island
out of our lust.
Track Name: Love At Twenty
lot of people spend their life wondering how they could stay
seventeen for ever
sexy and silly for ever

i know i keep some secrets
but try not to hate me
take it as a part of my charm
and i will take care of you

what are you ready to do
to preserve a love story
when you are twenty

what are you ready to do
to preserve a love story
when you're not twenty anymore
now that you know that you will die

lot of people spend their life trying to fix up the broken things
from their teenagehood
when they were young and alive

i know i don't always tell the truth
but try not to hate me
realize they keep you happy
...and i will take care of you

i spent my whole life trying to run away from me
as i was running away from me
i ran into you
but you appeared to be a wall
and i broke my neck on yours
i broke my neck on yours

do we stay adorable
when we get laughable?
can we act smartly
when the drama ain't so arty?

i love my heartache
i love my heartache
Track Name: Everyday
you asked me how i was
"i'm okay, i said"
that was a lie
it's very hard
it's fucking tough

you thought you saw
a tiny tear
no, that was just
some wet blue eye
'cause i'm a man
i don't cry
i don't wanna cry

everyday it feels more real
everyday it feels harder
every morning it looks more clear
that i've lost you forever
and every night it gets darker
'cause you're away
further and further
Track Name: Unshaped Things
if there were meanings for those floating things
in this reversible world
i would interfere with them
but there'll never be explanations
'cause explanations are boring

if there were goals for those unshaped things
in these low definitions places
i would put them on paper
but there'll never be precise details
'cause precise details are frightening

if there was history for those spontaneous behaviors
in these non-sense dramas
i would find them apologies
but there'll never be moral reasons
'cause they don't seem to make me free